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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Walk This Way

In Buddhism, there are no people trying to convert others. There is an invitation to walk this way and find out if it is true and a way to live that works.

For me, it is fascinating to learn about the various ways religions teach various ideas. At the same time, I have walked with the ways of Jesus my whole life. I have walked and explored most variations from mainstream Protestant to Episcopal to New Thought to evangelical, leaving out fringes such as snake handlers, ewwe

While I don't agree with quite a lot of theology of others, I agree with the life and teachings of Jesus. Theology is primarily made up of opinions of streams of people. Some are profound, some looney.

To extract ourselves from the looney, we could look at the New Testament's reports of Jesus and try them on for size. What would happen if we walked His Way? Would this be a good way to live a meaningful life? What if we offered this invitation not only to ourselves but also to others?

No hard sell. No canned dogmas. Just an invitation. A welcoming. Walk This Way and just discover it. Find Jesus who has been buried under tons of other people's opinions, some of which have turned to stone or are petrified. Find deep meaningfulness under it all.

Consider yourself invited.

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