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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Little Important Things and Big Important Things

Little things are important. We have to earn money to buy food and clothes and pay mortgages or rent. We have to remember to return that phone call, to take out the trash, to go to the parent teacher conference. We have to handle a thousand little things a day.

In addition to all these important little things, there are big important things that call to us. There are questions. What is the meaning of life? What about God? Did I exist before this life, and will I exist after this life? Which, if any, religion is true, or do all of them have some of the truth? If so, which version?

We pretty much have to deal with the little things, or we won't be long on this planet. There are various approaches to the big important things:

  • Try to ignore them and just keep busy.
  • Wait till retirement, when there is more time.
  • Just accept a religion as is, and ask no questions.
  • Go on a serious quest to find answers about the big important things.
In my experience, people have an inner yearning directed toward the Divine. Since the beginnings of humans, that yearning has led to many ways to attempt to touch the Divine. What an amazing array of religions and philosophies have strewn the path of history. Some have been quite bizarre and some brilliant.

Once touched, once experienced, the yearning for The More increases. The edge, so to speak, of The God Experience draws us as if an irresistible magnet. At some point, we become close to the Heart of God, at least from time to time, and we are never the same. We also are protected in surprising ways. We feel warnings about this or that: that is false and a dead end, and this is true and a step in the spiritual direction. Also, surprisingly, our relationship to the little things is changed. We deal with them in a more flowing manner, with less irritation, with more joy. New doors, both inner and outer, open as if on their own. Truly astounding life opens.

I wish for you the thrilling, satisfying, meaningful walk into the important big questions. 

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