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Saturday, January 8, 2022

Crooked Thinking

We used to say, "Change your stinking thinking." We also used the metaphor that a high jumper had to throw his/her mind over the bar first before the body, and we needed to go ahead in our minds before we took physical steps toward goals. And we reminded ourselves that the word "sin" was an archery term signifying we missed the mark, the bullseye, thereby requiring us to aim again and give it another try. I'm very familiar with this, as I took archery in college for a physical education class, and I spent one semester with a purple arm. Although I eventually got an A in the class, I seemed to inevitably let go of the string in such a way as it frequently hit my srm, no matter where I placed the shield.

All of this told us that our minds are powerful and need to be focused on the highest and best. We need to think through what the result of this or that would likely be, and make adjustments in our thinking.

I see wild and nutty thinking constantly, more so now than any other time in my long life. If you follow these examples of choices to their logical conclusions, what do you find?

  • Let criminals out after arrest the same day or the next day, and don't prosecute them.
  • Defund the police.
  • Open the borders and let anyone in.
  • Let major cities be cartel hubs for human trafficking and drugs.
  • Make everything about race.
  • Stop free speech, decry honest debate, fire or shun those not in compliance.
  • Pay people not to work.
  • Make the press the puppets of the ruling class.
These are just a few crooked thinking items that I hear and see almost every day. If we stop and think, we can clearly understand that they point to a place we do not want to inhabit.

Each of us likely have private, personal crooked thoughts about ourselves and our lives. I suggest, when you find yourself saying something to yourself that is crooked and will lead you astray, stop and tell yourself the opposite. Examples: I am stupid/I am a brilliant person; I can't do this (wonderful) thing/I can do all good things with the Divine as my partner; I don't know what to do/I listen and am guided to know what is best to do.

Let's free ourselves from crooked thinking and the dreadful results such thinking produces. 

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