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Sunday, January 23, 2022

Finding Spiritual Gold

To stay on the surface of anything is invariably to miss its message—even the surface meaning of our sinfulness. - Richard Rohr

In preparing for teaching my meditation series in February, I had a flash of understanding of diving into the depths and finding spiritual gold. You have to go into mother earth to find precious metals, beautiful gems, useful things like coal and iron and oil, good soil for planting, etc. We have to go within to find spiritual gold, actually touching the edges of The Presence, knowing because personally we've been there with The One.

If we live on the shallow surface of our lives, we will not find the spiritual gold that beckons us. When we are even just a little still, there is a nagging feeling that there is more to life, that there is something calling. Just out of sight, just around the corner, there is something worth finding. 

Shall we find it? Are we ready to go inside? Are we willing to move beyond ego's posturing? Are we ready to say the most dangerous prayer? Thy will be done.

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