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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Plans and Surprises

I have plans, you have plans, everyone has plans.

I'm planning our United Methodist Women's Sunday that we are having on February 27th. I've written a script for 7 of us to present 7 little known women in the Bible. I've spoken to the music director requesting hymns written by women. I have a list ready for sign-ups for women to participate where they want, from one of the 7 to ushering.

I have the agenda ready for tomorrow's UMW board meeting, and I have the general meeting next week planned.

I've gotten things needed into the church secretary for the newsletter, including my monthly article, Servant Volunteer of the Month. This month I interviewed myself 😍, as my name was drawn from the jar of names.

I've made several quilt tops and made some handouts for our Prayers and Squares meeting Friday.

I have the handout almost done for my meditation class in February. It's more of a booklet really, as it has 12 pages so far.

And, I could go on. However, as I've experienced, my plans may or may not actually turn out exactly as I planned. But I do believe they will turn out better than if I had not planned. If all goes well, they will be in the ballpark at least.

There are so many plans written about in the Bible that didn't exactly turn out as the people expected. From surprise pregnancies to detours of all kinds, the people had to adjust to what was. Some grumbled, and some praised God. I hope I can say truthfully that I'm mostly in the praise God group, but there are times I grumble first. I do eventually get there.

I like Paul's thought that all things work together for good for those who are called by God to His purposes. The challenge sometimes is to discern if it is God calling me to this or that, or is it my ego? I truly want to do all things in harmony with The Divine. I've tried most of my life to do so, but not always have I succeeded. But what I have discovered is that even when I go a bit rogue, God uses even that to teach me and lead me back.

I have concluded, up until this point anyway, that it will all work out because God is always with me and always loves me and always sees the best in me and calls that out, even out of my blunders. I am safe. I shall be safe when the time comes to go on to the next life, whatever it will be. God will be there too.

So I think we can relax, and just do our utmost best, and it will all work out. Just love one another as God loves us, flaws and bloopers and all.

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