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Sunday, January 2, 2022

Walking This New Path with New Feet and New Heart

 2022! What will we make of it?

We all enter this new year with our own heartbreaks, dreams, hopes, plans - with the experiences that we have lived. These give us a foundation of compassion, humor, sorrows, losses and wins. If we allow the past to define the future, however, we most likely will just repeat and repeat rather than create.

Let us say to our past, Thank you for teaching and testing me. Thank you for leading me to this new day, new year, new possibility. Let us now turn our face to the adventure of a year never lived before by anyone.

If you could do anything possible this year, what would it be? Would you choose to be more loving and forgiving? Would you travel and explore other ways humans live? Would you learn new skills? Would study new to you areas of human thought? Would you focus on your spiritual journey? Or maybe do all of these and more?

Put on your brand new 2022 shoes, and with an open heart, put your whole self on the path of creating and experiencing a brand new year in a brand new way. Live the adventure. Don't miss it. It will not come this way again.

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